My Story

My life has spanned three countries, and I have relished the art, culture, food, and terrains of many more. When I left Southern Californian sunshine for British cloudbursts to pursue my PhD in art history, I assumed I’d return to the US to teach. Instead, I fell in love with England (despite the weather). I became a UK citizen, shifted from university life to the museum world, and moved to the French Riviera while publishing and editing works on art and travel.

Today, I wear three hats — art historian, private tour guide, and editor — from the same closet: Storytelling. Bringing culture, history, and words to life is my passion. Nothing delights me more than exploring the narratives I uncover with and for others.

Photo Credit: David Wagoner


Art Historical Writing

One ambition drives my dedication to visual culture: Bringing viewers closer to the art. My articles, museum guides, and catalogue essays combine expertise, insight, and passion for storytelling to illuminate artworks and artists for your audiences.

Private Tour Guiding

I create personalised private tours that breathe life into art, history, and local culture. Together, we’ll spotlight the things you love. Whether you prefer sampling Nice’s vibrant farmers’ markets or nearby vineyards, experiencing the dazzling art and architecture of the French Riviera or Venice’s Art Biennale, or enjoying glorious views over the Mediterranean, your interests shape our adventures.

Editorial Services

Transform your academic essays, applications, and publications with my invaluable visual culture and humanities editorial skills. In my hands, your narratives become sharper, clearer, and more engaging.